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The weather, from the worst drought in half a century to floods to tornadoes in the breadbasket, has been on the news since the first seeds went into the ground in spring.  We know that the resulting decreased yields will impact food prices here in the US, but what may be less appreciated is the fact that those lean yields are being repeated all around the globe in places like Russia, Ukraine and Australia, which hits dinner tables from Guatemala to China. ntr

High grain costs, caused by severe drought, are hitting dinner tables from Guatemala to China. But the world has learned valuable lessons since the food shocks of 2008. Will it be enough to prevent social unrest?

By Dan Murphy, Christian Science Monitor Staff writer / September 23, 2012

 Our story begins near Prairie City, Iowa, in the fields of Gordon Wassenaar, who has been coaxing food out of some of the world’s richest earth for 57 years. Normally, Mr. Wassenaar is able to harvest about 200 bushels of corn per acre from his land – bin-bursting crops that are sent off to feed people in places as disparate as Michigan and Malawi.

Not this year.

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